Friday, February 2, 2018

JUVEDERM Ultra XC filler for lips in Austin, Texas

Corrective Lip Filler with Medical Injector, Sovay Reeder.

This is a very exciting lip transformation! My client came to me with recently filled lips by another medical injector and she was still not where she wanted to be just yet. She made an appointment with me and we closely examined her lips prior to any lip filler and then what she had at the moment which was 1 syringe of JUVEDERM Ultra XC, again, with another injector. What I concluded was a few observations as observable in the "before" photo:

1) too much fullness in patient's bottom middle portion of lip

2) upper lip not full enough
3) both lips were too circular and not heart shaped other words, we needed to widen the lips from left to right and and some attractive curves to those lips!

Ok - so piece of cake, right? I decided to break up my visits with her into 2 separate visits so I could inject a little...wait a week...observe them...revisit and tweak them to perfection on visit #2. During visit #1, I only injected .3 mls of JUVEDERM Ultra XC and on the upper sides, lower sides wet/dry border and the vermillion top only...and again...not that much filler was used. When she returned for visit #2, her lips looked amazing and were already changing shape to a more heart shaped appearance and gorgeous curves on them. I used another .5 ml of JUVEDERM Ultra XC - all on the left and right sides again top and bottom - wet/dry border only to create more "pink" visibility in the lips- bottom and top lip. It's hard to describe how to inject lips because everyone's beauty perspective is so unique but, luckily, the patient and I had exactly the same taste!

Medical Injector: Sovay Reeder

Filler: JUVEDERM Ultra XC
Med Spa: Aesthetica Med Spa
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Nasolabial fold filler, JUVEDERM Vollure, with medical injector, Sovay Reeder

Small and natural lip filler in Austin with Sovay Reeder, Medical Injector

My patient was a "filler virgin" meaning no filler had touched her face! I was beyond excited to take on the challenge. I could tell right away she wanted a very natural look so I went with JUVEDERM Vollure which I find is very malleable and easy to mold. Another great choice could have been Merz Belotero OR JUVEDERM Volbella OR Restalyne Silk due to it's low viscosity and G-Prime factor (translation - it's a super "thin" filler) but I went the JUVEDERM Vollure route instead this time. I injected .5 mls to her right and left oral commissures alone. Due to those pesky depressor anguli oris muscles which caused her lips to have a default frown, I injected 2 strong support columns on the right and left outer corner to turn her frown upside down...wave bye bye to those depressor muscles...bueno bye :) Ok - back to the lips...I injected a little there, too...the remaining .5 mls...but just a tiny bit. I didn't want to make her look too much different for fear this would not make her happy. I asked her permission to inject just a tiny bit in her top lip belly/middle of her top lips only...not the sides of her lips. I then injected a very small amount in her lower, middle vermillion to add a sharp distinction in her lip edge and create a lower middle dip to that bottom lip. So I feel the "after" photo looks very natural and just an enhanced and well hydrated lip aesthetic. My patient was happy and we had a fun experience creating that well rested, well hydrated smile :)

Medical Injector: Sovay Reeder
Filler: JUVEDERM Vollure
Med Spa: Aesthetica Med Spa
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Office number for an appointment: (512) 899-2639
My personal text number for an appointment: (512) 586-7494
Office location: 500 N Capital of Texas Hwy #100, Austin, TX 78746

Monday, January 22, 2018

Filler to Nasolabial Folds/Creases in Austin, Texas with Sovay Reeder

This patient had noticeable nasolabial folds creases that were present both in a non-smiling state and smiling state. Her left side (pictured on our right side) was particularly deep towards the lateral side of her lips.

I used 3/4 of the filler syringe (JUVEDERM Vollure) on patient's left side nasolabial fold and the remaining 1/4 syringe on patients right side nasolabial fold.

I injected very superficially (top layer of dermis) on her left nasolabial fold to essentially push her crease "out", thus, creating an even plane on that area compared to her "before" state.

Nasolabial folds are very simple to inject, however, there is a very vital artery located underneath the fold called the facial artery. It's important that an injector pull back on the plunger of the syringe for a few seconds to see if the needle is in a blood vessel. This is a very necessary precaution for filling/augmenting the nasolabial folds.

After care:
This patient can immediately apply some powder/makeup to the injected site to eliminate redness and can go about her daily activities without interruption. There is an immediate improvement aesthetically with virtually no downtime :)

Follow up:
I have recommended this patient follow up with a SkinPen treatment (micro needle) session to her face to improve skin texture and decrease pore size in a month. I have also recommended we take a look at her mouth/cheek areas in 3 months and reevaluate and determine if she needs more filler and/or where to inject that possible additional filler. We are also interested in possibly injecting high/lateral sides of her zygomatic (cheekbone) area to "pull back" the entire cheek, thus, discouraging her nasolabial fold to get worse with age. Sovay Reeder

Filler: Juvederm Vollure

Medical Injector: Sovay Reeder
Med Spa: Aesthetica Med Spa
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Office number for an appointment: (512) 899-2639
My personal text number for an appointment: (512) 586-7494
Office location: 500 N Capital of Texas Hwy #100, Austin, TX 78746

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Botox to your crow's feet in Austin Texas with Medical Injector, Sovay Reeder

My client pictured is 65+ years of age. She has never had any aesthetic alterations to her face - ever. That means she has never even tried botox, filler, etc. She's a late adaptor and extremely cautious and conservative. I love having the opportunity to work on all patients and I especially enjoy working with patients who are very skeptical and have a strong fear of looking "fake" or "overdone". I can completely understand this fear and know there are so many aesthetic touches and strategies we can utilize to enhance beauty...naturally. When we make subtle, natural approaches to the face, you typically look well rested and well hydrated which is what a vast majority of patients are looking for, in general. Now, it's important to note...if you want even more relaxation of this muscle and, thus, an even smoother appearance - that's easy. Apply slightly more botox to the treatment area. But my patient and I were intentionally going for a very natural "well rested" result so we did not use a lot of Botox, relatively speaking. There's a lot of flexibility here and that's where thorough communication between injector and patient can be key!

During this visit, we used a total of 20 units of botox applied to the orbicularis oculi muscle to relax her muscles around the lateral side of her eyes (10 units on each side, left and right). This includes the following areas:

1) The lines directly to the side of the eye. These are commonly referred to as crow's feet.

2) The low, lateral side of the eye. These are the lines that extend from the eye to the cheekbone.

3) The high, lateral side of the eye on the brow bone . By relaxing this part of the orbicularis oculi muscle, we release/relax the natural contraction of this muscle which results in an opening appearance of the eye. So, in effect, it gives a slight eye lift which is always nice!

Neurotoxin: Botox, 20 units (see illustrations for application method AND a patient before and after glance)
Medical Injector: Sovay Reeder
Med Spa: Aesthetica Med Spa
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Med spa website:
Office number for an appointment: (512) 899-2639
Business text number for questions: (512) 586-7494
Office location: 500 N Capital of Texas Hwy #100, Austin, TX 78746

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Natural Lip Filler in Austin Texas by Sovay Reeder, Medical Injector

This was an amazing patient whose initial visit to me @aestheticamedspa was on November 11, 2017. During that first visit, we did a thorough consultation and looked over some inspiration photos the patient brought in and discussed all of her lip goals.  I decided to add overall volume with JUVEDERM Vollure during this visit.  The majority of the filler was used in her top lip (70% of the filler) and the rest to her lower lip (30%).  During her most recent visit on December 11, 2017, we injected JUVEDERM Ultra XC to her entire upper lip vermillion border, her upper lip belly, and her lower lip vermillion border on the middle section only.  During this last visit, we reached our final lip goals.

My preference is to break up the lip enhancement service with filler in at least 2 separate visits.  There are 2 main reasons for this:

1) Fewer people notice you have had "work" done because the changes are so subtle
2) More visits to finesse the work and make sure the lips are as perfect and close to goal as you can make them

This patent was so wonderful in that she was patient to agree to more than 1 visit to reach our final lip goals, and was an amazing communicator which ensures optimal aesthetic results for both of us!

The following are the intricate lip enhancement details for this particular patient:

1) The patient felt her upper lip cupid bow was asymmetric.  We created symmetry there by injecting a very small amount of extra filler in the patient's right upper cupid bow only
2) She wanted more pink area in her entire upper lip (all the way to and including the far sides).  We achieved this with filler injected into the wet/dry border across the entire upper lip.
3) She wanted a more distant "edge" to her upper lip.  We achieved this by injecting the entire upper lip vermillion border.
4) I wanted a lower dip in her lower lip in the middle section only.  I achieved this by placing a very small amount of filler on her lower vermillion border, middle section, only.  She was kind enough to allow me this opportunity as this was my idea, not her idea.  I have a strong preference for this lip aesthetic detail!
5) The patient wanted a very small amount of filler added to her lower lip to maintain that sweet balance of 1/3 volume on top lip and 2/3 volume on lower lip harmony.  I achieved this by adding varying amounts to the lower lip belly front left to right...she had a slightly asymmetric line in her lower lip that was evident when she was smiling so I evened that line out for her while adding overall volume to her lower lip, as well.

That's it!  This patient is ready for a new job opportunity next year and happy holidays this month with her new lips.  She can expect to maintain this enhanced lip aesthetic by visiting me once a year for a touch up opportunity :)    Sovay Reeder, Medical Injector

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Juvederm Volbella Lip Filler in Austin Texas with Medical Injector, Sovay Reeder @ Aesthetica Med Spa

Natural lip filler using 1 syringe of Juvederm Volbella to upper lip only to restore symmetry. Patient requested an extremely natural look and did not want her family to notice.  We restored her upper lip symmetry while achieving a very natural look!

Medical injector, Sovay Reeder @ Aesthetic Med Spa  (512) 586-7494 text only
Aesthetica Med Spa land line  (512) 899-2639

Lip and Nasolabial Fold Filler in Austin TX with Medical Injector, Sovay Reeder

Juvederm Vollure - 1 syringe - applied to top lip only and left nasolabial fold to restore youth and lip proportion. Medical Injector, Sovay Reeder, at Aesthetica Med Spa Austin, Texas.