Thursday, December 21, 2017

Botox to your crow's feet in Austin Texas with Medical Injector, Sovay Reeder

My client pictured is 65+ years of age. She has never had any aesthetic alterations to her face - ever. That means she has never even tried botox, filler, etc. She's a late adaptor and extremely cautious and conservative. I love having the opportunity to work on all patients and I especially enjoy working with patients who are very skeptical and have a strong fear of looking "fake" or "overdone". I can completely understand this fear and know there are so many aesthetic touches and strategies we can utilize to enhance beauty...naturally. When we make subtle, natural approaches to the face, you typically look well rested and well hydrated which is what a vast majority of patients are looking for, in general. Now, it's important to note...if you want even more relaxation of this muscle and, thus, an even smoother appearance - that's easy. Apply slightly more botox to the treatment area. But my patient and I were intentionally going for a very natural "well rested" result so we did not use a lot of Botox, relatively speaking. There's a lot of flexibility here and that's where thorough communication between injector and patient can be key!

During this visit, we used a total of 20 units of botox applied to the orbicularis oculi muscle to relax her muscles around the lateral side of her eyes (10 units on each side, left and right). This includes the following areas:

1) The lines directly to the side of the eye. These are commonly referred to as crow's feet.

2) The low, lateral side of the eye. These are the lines that extend from the eye to the cheekbone.

3) The high, lateral side of the eye on the brow bone . By relaxing this part of the orbicularis oculi muscle, we release/relax the natural contraction of this muscle which results in an opening appearance of the eye. So, in effect, it gives a slight eye lift which is always nice!

Neurotoxin: Botox, 20 units (see illustrations for application method AND a patient before and after glance)
Medical Injector: Sovay Reeder
Med Spa: Aesthetica Med Spa
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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Natural Lip Filler in Austin Texas by Sovay Reeder, Medical Injector

This was an amazing patient whose initial visit to me @aestheticamedspa was on November 11, 2017. During that first visit, we did a thorough consultation and looked over some inspiration photos the patient brought in and discussed all of her lip goals.  I decided to add overall volume with JUVEDERM Vollure during this visit.  The majority of the filler was used in her top lip (70% of the filler) and the rest to her lower lip (30%).  During her most recent visit on December 11, 2017, we injected JUVEDERM Ultra XC to her entire upper lip vermillion border, her upper lip belly, and her lower lip vermillion border on the middle section only.  During this last visit, we reached our final lip goals.

My preference is to break up the lip enhancement service with filler in at least 2 separate visits.  There are 2 main reasons for this:

1) Fewer people notice you have had "work" done because the changes are so subtle
2) More visits to finesse the work and make sure the lips are as perfect and close to goal as you can make them

This patent was so wonderful in that she was patient to agree to more than 1 visit to reach our final lip goals, and was an amazing communicator which ensures optimal aesthetic results for both of us!

The following are the intricate lip enhancement details for this particular patient:

1) The patient felt her upper lip cupid bow was asymmetric.  We created symmetry there by injecting a very small amount of extra filler in the patient's right upper cupid bow only
2) She wanted more pink area in her entire upper lip (all the way to and including the far sides).  We achieved this with filler injected into the wet/dry border across the entire upper lip.
3) She wanted a more distant "edge" to her upper lip.  We achieved this by injecting the entire upper lip vermillion border.
4) I wanted a lower dip in her lower lip in the middle section only.  I achieved this by placing a very small amount of filler on her lower vermillion border, middle section, only.  She was kind enough to allow me this opportunity as this was my idea, not her idea.  I have a strong preference for this lip aesthetic detail!
5) The patient wanted a very small amount of filler added to her lower lip to maintain that sweet balance of 1/3 volume on top lip and 2/3 volume on lower lip harmony.  I achieved this by adding varying amounts to the lower lip belly front left to right...she had a slightly asymmetric line in her lower lip that was evident when she was smiling so I evened that line out for her while adding overall volume to her lower lip, as well.

That's it!  This patient is ready for a new job opportunity next year and happy holidays this month with her new lips.  She can expect to maintain this enhanced lip aesthetic by visiting me once a year for a touch up opportunity :)    Sovay Reeder, Medical Injector

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Juvederm Volbella Lip Filler in Austin Texas with Medical Injector, Sovay Reeder @ Aesthetica Med Spa

Natural lip filler using 1 syringe of Juvederm Volbella to upper lip only to restore symmetry. Patient requested an extremely natural look and did not want her family to notice.  We restored her upper lip symmetry while achieving a very natural look!

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Lip and Nasolabial Fold Filler in Austin TX with Medical Injector, Sovay Reeder

Juvederm Vollure - 1 syringe - applied to top lip only and left nasolabial fold to restore youth and lip proportion. Medical Injector, Sovay Reeder, at Aesthetica Med Spa Austin, Texas.

Dr. David Sneed @ Aesthetica Med Spa performing PRP Hair Restoration in Austin, Texas!

Dr. David Sneed @ Aesthetica Med Spa.  Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) Hair Restoration.  Our blood is made of two main components, red blood cells and plasma.  The plasma contains white blood cells and platelets, which are rich in growth factors.    This particular patient was photographed after 3 treatments in at least 2 month intervals in between treatment sessions.  www. (512) 899-2639 for a consultation with Dr. David Sneed @ Aesthetica Med Spa

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Juvederm VOLBELLA lips in Austin, TX by Medical Injector, Sovay Reeder

So, let's break this down.  Let's begin with the top left and bottom left photo labeled, "Before"...if you look closely you will see that the top left side of her lip has less volume than her top right side.  This is her genetic baseline lip...nothing wrong with this...we are all slightly asymmetric, big deal.  What is a fun challenge, however, is to make these imbalances slightly more symmetric with filler, for instance.  It's not life changing, really...just results in a softer, slightly prettier aesthetic while still looking like your natural born genetics...which is what I'm trying to focus on here as a Medical Injector.

Going back to her I filled her top left lip (.4cc) to match the volume of her right side by injecting the majority of the filler in my syringe to that placement.  I actually put a tiny bit of filler in her top right (.1cc), as well...but just a tiny bit.  I placed a tiny bit (.1cc) of filler in her bottom lip right in the belly of the center to finish the look.  By the way, Juvederm Volbella only has .6cc volume total in 1 syringe as compared to many other fillers which typically come in 1cc volume.  This allows for Juvederm Volbella to be, relatively speaking, less expensive because you have less filler you are purchasing in the syringe.
Note:  1cc = 1mL       5mL = 1 teaspoon      3 teaspoons = 1 tablespoon

Also, it's important to note that Juvederm Volbella has a very gentle, low Viscosity/G prime factor. English...G prime refers to the rise/projection/firmness to the filler. Viscosity refers to the "spreadability" of the filler...I don't even think that's a word in this context but you get the idea.  Let me give you an example, toothpaste is more viscous than melted butter.  I think everyone has familiarity with both melted butter and toothpaste so that comparison helps, I hope!

I love low G prime/low Viscosity fillers for the "natural" look...they're a breeze to work with and easy to manipulate and predict.  On the flip side, a criticism of a low G prime/low viscosity filler (like Juvederm Volbella and Restylane Silk) would be that it doesn't make enough of a difference...which, depending on your taste, may be an accurate criticism.

Bottom line, beauty is in the eye of the beholder...and this patient, in particular, has a very conservative job,  has conservative taste, has a conservative mother giving her advice (which matters more than you know), doesn't wear a lot of makeup I think this filler, Juvederm Volbella, is a great choice.  I did recommend to her, however, we reevaluate her lips in another 3 months to determine if we need to add a little more filler or just let them remain slightly they are 1 syringe Juvederm Volbella filler.  Either way, I believe her post op pictures ("After") are more attractive than her pre op pictures ("Before") and she still looks like herself.  I am happy with this result and, most important, so is she!

Sovay Reeder, Medical Injector
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Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Perfect Juvederm Lip filler in Austin,TX with Medical Injector, Sovay Reeder

We used a filler with a little more G prime/Viscosity on my patient's lips today. Her face, in particular, can handle a filler with a little more plumpness and her overall facial appearance is enhanced with larger (than average) lips. I don't feel this way about every patient's face but this patient, in particular, was a perfect recipient for Juvederm Ultra Plus XC. My patient also desired her upper lip to have just as much volume as her bottom lip. Normally, this balance is reversed and we encourage 2/3 volume on the bottom lip, and 1/3 volume on top lip but, again, this patient, looked amazing with upper lip volume so we went with it :) Medical Injector, Sovay Reeder

Medical Injector: Sovay Reeder
Med Spa: L Aesthetics & Longevity
Instagram: @spasovayatx
Business text number for an appointment: (512) 586-7494
Business address: 2444 S. 1st Street Austin TX 78704

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Botox to forehead by medical injector, Sovay Reeder, Aesthetica Med Spa

Perfect application of botox to forehead region.  We also paid close attention to asymmetry in her eyebrows (before picture).  I was able to better align patient's eyebrows creating a soft, relaxed forehead and a more even appearance on her left and right eyebrow (after picture).
Medical Injector, Sovay Reeder @ L Aesthetics & Longevity
Text for an appointment (512) 586-7494

Monday, July 24, 2017

Before and After with Juvederm VOLBELLA for subtle hydration and volume enhancement

Subtle change in lips with 1 syringe of Volbella for a more hydrated look. Client desired more hydration in her upper lip specifically desiring smoother skin by using a subtle filler like Volbella. As for the patient's lower lip, I wanted to add volume to the right and left as she had plenty of volume in the immediate middle resulting in better left to right symmetry. Medical Injector, Sovay Reeder @ Aesthetica Med Spa (512) 813-0923

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Juvederm VOLLURE filler for natural lift and rejuvenation to skin!

Filler/Volume: Juvederm VOLLURE, 1 syringe
Objective: Aggressive treatment to nasolabial folds
Approach: Patient had a noticeable fold/crease. We wanted to inject JUVEDERM VOLLURE under the fold both superficially and another layer laid slightly deeper to lift the skin up in that groove and smooth out his crease.
Med Spa: L Aesthetics & Longevity Austin TX

Medical Injector:  Sovay Reeder
Contact for a consultation: text (512) 586-7494

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Juvederm Volbella for lips by medical injector, Sovay Reeder

This was a colleague of mine who wanted an extremely natural enhancement to her lips.  It always bothered her that her upper lip was slightly crooked.  She wanted to create more balance but did not want her lips to look much different at was important to her that no one notice she had her lips slightly altered.  I used 1 syringe of Juvederm Volbella applied to lips.  We created the perfect, natural pout for her and addressed the asymmetry!  Sovay Reeder, medical injector  (512) 586-7494
Top photo - BEFORE / Middle photo - immediately after injection / Bottom photo - AFTER 1 week post op

Best lip filler in Austin,Texas by medical injector, Sovay Reeder

There's a new FDA approved filler named Vollure from the Juvederm family.  It is absolutely amazing, silky, easy to manipulate, and natural.  We've had a lot of success using this product in lips due to it's malleable nature.  Here's a photo of my client I saw this Saturday at Aesthetica Med Spa ( who had some slight asymmetry in her upper lip (the arrow indicates the area where the upper lip actually goes upward and looks slimmer than the other side).  My client also wanted more than just a subtle, "hydrated" look...she wanted to see the difference but still keep it natural looking.  We used the majority of product in her lips and had a tiny bit left over which I used to apply towards the lateral creases left and right of her lips to discourage any future wrinkling in those areas.  ~Sovay Reeder, medical injector in Austin, Texas  (512) 586-7494

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Kybella treatment for double chin @ L Aesthetics & Longevity, Medical Injectors Dr. Billy Ledbetter and Sovay Reeder

Who's a good candidate for Kybella?  KYBELLA® is a prescription medicine used in adults to improve the appearance and profile of moderate to severe fat below the chin (submental fat), also called “double chin.”

What is Kybella, how does it work?  Kybella is a deoxycholic acid.  Deoxycholic acid is a bile acid formed by bacterial action from cholate. It is usually conjugated with glycine or taurine. Deoxycholic acid acts as a detergent to solubilize fats for intestinal absorption, is reabsorbed itself, and is used as a choleretic and detergent.

Medical Injectors on this patient, Dr. Billy Ledbetter and Sovay Reeder @ L Aesthetics & Longevity, 11813 Bee Cave Rd, Austin, TX 78738 Phone: (512) 505-8645 Website:

For a complimentary consultation or an appointment, feel free to call(512) 505-8645!

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Before and After Picture of Natural lip enhancement filler with Volbella using cannula

2/19/17:  Hi!  My name is Sovay Reeder and I'm a trained and licensed medical injector working in Austin, Texas.  If you're interested in making an appointment, please feel free to text me at (512) 586-7494.

I specialize in natural enhancement work to restore your unique beauty.  I am currently very interested in utilizing the cannula for implementation of fillers in the face for a couple of reasons.  First, you can greatly reduce the incidence of bruising because you're using a blunt tip cannula versus a traditional sharp edge needle which can easily penetrate a vein/vessel.  Penetrating a vein/vessel can result in immediate bruising which can last weeks.  Second, you can typically do all areas needing filler with one or two injection sites because a blunt tip cannula is very mobile once it's in the dermis layer, whereas, the traditional sharp edge needle is not as mobile once under the skin (dermis) layer and, as a result, you will need to reinject when needing to apply filler to multiple sites even if it's a small area, for instance, the lips. The lips, for example, could require 6+ penetrations of a sharp tip needle to adequately get all areas of the lips needing filler and, in sharp contrast, you can achieve a similar affect with just 2 penetrations sites when using a cannula for lip filler.  Hopefully, that all made sense and didn't confuse you too much :)  ~ Sovay Reeder, Medical Injector