Saturday, February 18, 2017

Before and After Picture of Natural lip enhancement filler with Volbella using cannula

2/19/17:  Hi!  My name is Sovay Reeder and I'm a trained and licensed medical injector working in Austin, Texas.  If you're interested in making an appointment, please feel free to text me at (512) 586-7494.

I specialize in natural enhancement work to restore your unique beauty.  I am currently very interested in utilizing the cannula for implementation of fillers in the face for a couple of reasons.  First, you can greatly reduce the incidence of bruising because you're using a blunt tip cannula versus a traditional sharp edge needle which can easily penetrate a vein/vessel.  Penetrating a vein/vessel can result in immediate bruising which can last weeks.  Second, you can typically do all areas needing filler with one or two injection sites because a blunt tip cannula is very mobile once it's in the dermis layer, whereas, the traditional sharp edge needle is not as mobile once under the skin (dermis) layer and, as a result, you will need to reinject when needing to apply filler to multiple sites even if it's a small area, for instance, the lips. The lips, for example, could require 6+ penetrations of a sharp tip needle to adequately get all areas of the lips needing filler and, in sharp contrast, you can achieve a similar affect with just 2 penetrations sites when using a cannula for lip filler.  Hopefully, that all made sense and didn't confuse you too much :)  ~ Sovay Reeder, Medical Injector

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