Sunday, July 2, 2017

Best lip filler in Austin,Texas by medical injector, Sovay Reeder

There's a new FDA approved filler named Vollure from the Juvederm family.  It is absolutely amazing, silky, easy to manipulate, and natural.  We've had a lot of success using this product in lips due to it's malleable nature.  Here's a photo of my client I saw this Saturday at Aesthetica Med Spa ( who had some slight asymmetry in her upper lip (the arrow indicates the area where the upper lip actually goes upward and looks slimmer than the other side).  My client also wanted more than just a subtle, "hydrated" look...she wanted to see the difference but still keep it natural looking.  We used the majority of product in her lips and had a tiny bit left over which I used to apply towards the lateral creases left and right of her lips to discourage any future wrinkling in those areas.  ~Sovay Reeder, medical injector in Austin, Texas  (512) 586-7494

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