Thursday, December 21, 2017

Botox to your crow's feet in Austin Texas with Medical Injector, Sovay Reeder

My client pictured is 65+ years of age. She has never had any aesthetic alterations to her face - ever. That means she has never even tried botox, filler, etc. She's a late adaptor and extremely cautious and conservative. I love having the opportunity to work on all patients and I especially enjoy working with patients who are very skeptical and have a strong fear of looking "fake" or "overdone". I can completely understand this fear and know there are so many aesthetic touches and strategies we can utilize to enhance beauty...naturally. When we make subtle, natural approaches to the face, you typically look well rested and well hydrated which is what a vast majority of patients are looking for, in general. Now, it's important to note...if you want even more relaxation of this muscle and, thus, an even smoother appearance - that's easy. Apply slightly more botox to the treatment area. But my patient and I were intentionally going for a very natural "well rested" result so we did not use a lot of Botox, relatively speaking. There's a lot of flexibility here and that's where thorough communication between injector and patient can be key!

During this visit, we used a total of 20 units of botox applied to the orbicularis oculi muscle to relax her muscles around the lateral side of her eyes (10 units on each side, left and right). This includes the following areas:

1) The lines directly to the side of the eye. These are commonly referred to as crow's feet.

2) The low, lateral side of the eye. These are the lines that extend from the eye to the cheekbone.

3) The high, lateral side of the eye on the brow bone . By relaxing this part of the orbicularis oculi muscle, we release/relax the natural contraction of this muscle which results in an opening appearance of the eye. So, in effect, it gives a slight eye lift which is always nice!

Neurotoxin: Botox, 20 units (see illustrations for application method AND a patient before and after glance)
Medical Injector: Sovay Reeder
Med Spa: Aesthetica Med Spa
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Office number for an appointment: (512) 899-2639
Business text number for questions: (512) 586-7494
Office location: 500 N Capital of Texas Hwy #100, Austin, TX 78746

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