Friday, February 2, 2018

JUVEDERM Ultra XC filler for lips in Austin, Texas

Corrective Lip Filler with Medical Injector, Sovay Reeder.

This is a very exciting lip transformation! My client came to me with recently filled lips by another medical injector and she was still not where she wanted to be just yet. She made an appointment with me and we closely examined her lips prior to any lip filler and then what she had at the moment which was 1 syringe of JUVEDERM Ultra XC, again, with another injector. What I concluded was a few observations as observable in the "before" photo:

1) too much fullness in patient's bottom middle portion of lip

2) upper lip not full enough
3) both lips were too circular and not heart shaped other words, we needed to widen the lips from left to right and and some attractive curves to those lips!

Ok - so piece of cake, right? I decided to break up my visits with her into 2 separate visits so I could inject a little...wait a week...observe them...revisit and tweak them to perfection on visit #2. During visit #1, I only injected .3 mls of JUVEDERM Ultra XC and on the upper sides, lower sides wet/dry border and the vermillion top only...and again...not that much filler was used. When she returned for visit #2, her lips looked amazing and were already changing shape to a more heart shaped appearance and gorgeous curves on them. I used another .5 ml of JUVEDERM Ultra XC - all on the left and right sides again top and bottom - wet/dry border only to create more "pink" visibility in the lips- bottom and top lip. It's hard to describe how to inject lips because everyone's beauty perspective is so unique but, luckily, the patient and I had exactly the same taste!

Medical Injector: Sovay Reeder

Filler: JUVEDERM Ultra XC
Med Spa: L Aesthetics & Longevity
My personal website:
My personal text number for an appointment: (512) 586-7494
Office location: 2444 S. 1st Street Austin TX 78704

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